Friday, June 28, 2013

Honest Methods

So, I have to be a bit honest, yesterday I showed you a snipet of code from the Coderbyte challenge I had been working on.  In truth it was because my Blackjack project on Codecademy was failing hardcore.  Unfortunately, even though it wasn't working the Codecademy website thought I had done it correctly and was giving me the green go ahead! I've boiled it down to I need to review methods in JavaScript.  I can get the whole thing to work using only variables but when I implement them as methods instead... it all falls apart.  Today, I'll continue to post until its solved!!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coding continued!

Its been a couple of days but I haven't given up! :D  I have a six day streak on Codecademy and have passed 7 JavaScript code challenges on the Coderbyte.  I'm also the newest CSA at BestBuy and am still picking up shifts at Buca.  Overall things are going great!  Here's a snipet of my most recent coding challenge:

I'm going to start HTML tomorrow and start working on my own stuff tonight!  We'll see how it goes!!
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

One down, fun to come! (Missed Post from 06/20/13)

Day One is over :) The first part was a bit rough as the weight of everything that had happened set in, but as the night went on, things started to get lighter, smoother, and yes, even fun!  Turns out I really am getting a fresh start!  Things are looking up and the little projects I've started are really getting going! We are going to be okay!

On a different note: Our son Soot (feline) is awfully confused by mommie's new schedule.  He doesn't know if he should take a nap, or play with mom, or both.  Here's a little video of the poor thing trying soooo hard not to fall asleep on my desk.  Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Starting fresh...

Well! There certainly have been quite a few changes in our household has of late!  In response, I'm starting fresh. No expectations. No pre-defined boundries. Just my love of life, Christopher, and our two beautiful kittens.  With so many new things bubbling in the pot, I've decided to start a real blog!  My will still continue as the constant photo stream of the on goings of life with kittens, but this will be more personal, more text entries, and more about the little projects that are brewing.  Hope you enjoy my self-disclosures, trials, and triumphs!
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