Friday, October 24, 2014

The most special thing - my heart in Imagine Me

This shot is really special to me. On last nights Twitch stream (every Thurs at 8pm CDT), one of our long standing community members made a level design suggestion and we implemented it immediately. Live development means we can try crazy things or some not so crazy things suggested by the community. If they don’t work, we just move on, BUT if its something kinda cool, something we hadn't thought of, or something a different perspective brings to light - we can instantly see the game improve. You + Imagine Me = a better game. That is really special to me <3
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I had a nightmare the night before last. I was at the house of my grade school years. I had gone into the garage to get something and the garage door was open. It was night and the outside was dark. I looked out into the night and had an instant feeling of fear. I quickly pushed the garage door button. I heard the familiar sound of the mechanism starting and in a slow motion sequence, as I turned to go back into the house a man with a deranged look on his face appeared from the darkness and grabbed me. I think I woke up screaming.
It's still haunting me today and has, in fact, become a source of inspiration for my current work on Imagine Me. weird.

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