Sunday, November 2, 2014

'Nightmares' and FPS


Using Unity's 'Nightmare' project tutorial for my warm up. I'll adjust the player to FP later ^_^ Great intro to the new GUI :D #7DFPS


This "Edit Collider" toggle button in 4.6 is pure magic.


#7DFPS ideas are starting to bubble

Whew! Still going on warm up day for #7DFPS Getting a bit antsy in  my chair but I really do enjoy the project. Especially if you are a beginner to Unity this is a great "next step" after the Roll-A-Ball tutorial


Done!! Great starter project and some wonderful ideas generated!!
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#7DFPS Warm Up!

Hey everyone! I'm pretty excited to announce I will be participating in the 7 Day First Person Shooter game jam!  I'm starting the #7DFPS 7 hour warm-up today and pretty excited to be trying something new ^_^
I'm going to stay in Unity and probably go off some Project assets they have as it will be my first time trying the FPS genre.  This will be an awesome learning opportunity!! :D #7DFPS warm up starts now!!
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