Sunday, September 8, 2013


The past week has been a lot more reading than grinding through lessons.  I've been working through the book Eloquent Ruby.  I absolutely love it!  Eloquent Ruby, by Russ Olsen, is by no means a textbook.  It is written with a "casual conversation" tone, but also very applicable (application ready?).  I'm just starting Part II and can't wait to hone my concepts of  "Classes, Modules, and Blocks."  What is wonderful is the code is available on GitHub and I can practice while I read.  It is a very useful companion and I cannot recommend it more!

Once I'm done with Part II, I'll be caught up to my place in RubyMonk and then start working on the Metaprogramming lessons online (RubyMonk) as well as reading the chapters in the book.   I already have my sights set on the next title Design Patterns in Ruby.  What books have been of use to you while learning a new language??


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