Thursday, September 19, 2013

Projects Galore!

I've been super busy getting a little project started and haven't had too much time dedicated to learning Ruby or JavaScript.  That little project is entitled Imagine Me.  I'm working with a small team as they develop the adventure platfomer puzzler for the Nintendo Wii U. :)  My job is both administration and community management.  I've set up a little website at and have connected all of our social networking apps to the site (Twitter: @ImagineMeGame, facebook: KinifiGames, Google+: ImagineMe, and Instagram: kinifigames).  To manage all these social outlets, I am using Buffer.  It allows me to use custom scheduling, multiple accounts, and give other team members access to post things as well!

Our team is kinda small so the game designer and I are also the support desk.  We are chose to use ZenDesk and it is pretty much amazing.

As for learning/coding, I'm almost exclusively back to JavaScript.  I have been using treehouse and c<>deschool.  So far, I have preferred c<>deschool, but that may change.  I'll keep ya posted!  I also have a couple of awesome books, but more on those later.  For now, enjoy this awesome tip from c<>deschool:


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