Monday, November 25, 2013

November GUSH! List

Hey friends!

Its been almost a month!  Eep!  This is going to be more of a GUSH! list of amazingness, so here goes:


  • If you still haven't checked out Codewars I don't know what you are doing in life. 
  • Web Dev training is going awesome!!  I'm about 50% done with Treehouse's 'Ruby on Rails' track.  It includes 13 sections including  Responsive Web Design, jQuery, Ruby, and Rails to name a few.
  • Buffer This fantastic social media manager has given me the opportunity to really come into my own as Imagine Me's community manager.
  • How NOT to Suck Online - I printed out the PDF and its hanging, framed, on my desk.
  • Web Development Tools!  Gosh, way to many to list here - I am like a little kid in a candy store with all the goodies I've found lately.  Here are a few:
        • Pattern Lab - An awesome way to save time, space, and resources when building web sites!!
        • Subtle Patterns - You all probably already knew about this gem, but it has been a tantalizing 'goodie' for me full of subtle patterns to tile to my little hearts content! 
        • Brad Frost - A web design god in human form. (Twitter: @brad_frost)
        • Responsive Design Resources - Awesome set of tools from said god (see above)
Its been a month full of learning amazing things and I couldn't be more excited!  


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