Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 4 of C# Unity

It's Day 4 and I'm back to the Space Shooter!  The hands on experience with these projects has become a wonderful compliment to the Beginner Scripting lessons, but more on that later...

Project: Space Shooter
I began today's session by covering a quick review of the last video I had watched in the project.  This was very useful to 1. put my brain in "Unity" mode and 2. refresh where I had left off.  The Camera and Lighting video was an awesome refresher on Unity's orientation.  Remember: Left Handed.  I practiced orientation by putting my left hand in weird positions, then guessing what the camera would show.  It helped a lot!

The next lesson Adding a Background was pretty straight forward.  Create a quad, add texture/material, adjust shader, scale, and transform.  One cool trick I didn't know before involved dragging a texture directly onto the mesh in the scene.  Unity creates a material for you!  While creating a material yourself is not difficult, eliminating a couple steps eliminates possible errors and mishaps - always a good thing.

One thing to note, the shader step was very shallow. The reference material, provided in the links to documentation, was either too vague or too advanced. I really hope to find more on shaders and materials later.

 Moving the Player provided an awesome opportunity for me to practice the Beginner Scripting lessons from Day 3. The lesson reviewed public variables, FixedUpdate, Vector3, and rigidbody. It also provided an introduction for the next lessons in the Topics tutorials including an introduction to data types, GetAxis, and using classes.

I most enjoyed the segment on Mathf.Clamp.  This is probably the first time I've thought C# had a useful function.  Clamp is awesome.  It allows you to constrain a game object to whatever space you define, and all in just a few lines of code!

I followed along quite easily until the last segment using Quaternion.Euler.  Yikes.  When I clicked on the reference material it brought me to Intermediate Scripting.  I knew I wasn't ready for this level of scripting, but felt unsatisfied blindly typing away.

Overall the lesson was perfectly paired with Beginner Scripting.  I highly recommend using the Beginner Tutorial Scripting and Space Shooter project together.  Tomorrow is back to scripting lessons!

Have you found any useful beginner tutorials on shaders?? Please link them in the comments.  I would love to understand them better.


  1. Hey, I just found this series. Will you be continuing your 30 days? :)

    1. Hello! :D I will for sure! I had to take little break to work on a Imagine Me :) Imagine Me is currently in Early Access on Steam and we decided to completely re-invent the random generation. While I am learning Unity, I'm not unfamiliar with programming logic and needed to work on that part of the game.

      I really should do a post to update everyone! :D I'm extremely dedicated to learning Unity so an unofficial "break" doesn't worry me. I will finish the 30 Days :D