Friday, July 11, 2014

30 Days of C# Unity and the Lifetime Love

Hey everyone!!

The Hiatus.
Its been a while.  Let's rewind a little bit.  I started 30 Days of C# Unity in April and have since then used Unity on a daily basis.  The reason for my absence?  We needed me to learn faster.

Imagine Me.
I worked on Imagine Me, a 2D-platformer, in various roles up to this point.  On May 16, Chris and I decided to pull the plug on our current random generation system in the game.  We were not happy with it (understatement) and neither was the community.  Chris was (and is) working a full time job.  The indie dev thing is something we have done in our home life because we love it.  He didn't have the resources (time and energy) needed to rewrite the random generation AND continue development on the rest of the game.  We desperately needed a second developer.

Refined by Fire.
The job fell to me - the novice, C#-hating, Unity hesitant, just-getting-her-feet-wet girl.  I was thrown into the fire with a community full of expectations waiting on the other side.  It couldn't have worked out better.  I used the tools already enlisted from my "30 Days of C# Unity" They were a huge help and I stand behind each one listed in this blog.

Today, work is almost done with Imagine Me's new random generation.  I am tweaking a final few things to give it an appropriate feel, and prepping for adding it into the current game.  Later, I will create a "Projects" tutorial of my own to share with you, but for now my 30 Days of  C# Unity has turned into a Lifetime Love for three words: "Made in Unity".


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