Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hash.ing it out

Hashing it out... get it? Hash?  Bad pun I know, but I *am* learning how to manipulate Hashes in Ruby! Oddly enough, or maybe not so much, the application of manipulating Hashes is creating a Histogram.  :D  Talk about trailing my old profession into my new!  It was a pleasant surprise and made it fun to learn!

 I really like the course for Ruby more than the course for JavaScript.  Ruby does a little less hand holding and a bit more iteration to really make sure you understand what you are doing.

Also, I've decided to keep a notebook too!  I've been in academia so long taking notes really does help me cement it into my brain.  My notes also make a great resource/reference for when I get stuck on something.  I'll apply this to JavaScript when I get back at it soon!

Working two jobs really does cut into my learning time, but I'm still determined to do at least one exercise every day.  I want to get this application done by the end of the week so.... wish me luck!!


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