Monday, July 1, 2013

Teachers and Tools

Over the weekend I was still really struggling with the Blackjack game.  I was soooo frustrated because 1) it was working and 2) I didn't know why.  What I *did* know was my lil variable "pleasework" was a necessity..
 and that without it my life was in ruins.

Enter a genius programmer, my friend Stu.  I emailed Stu Saturday morning with a plea for help.  Because he's basically Superman (only cool), he was at our house Saturday afternoon with all these mind-blowing TOOLS to help me work through my problem.  Let's just go ahead and say Stu = WonderS.  The first TOOL WonderS gave me was jsFiddle. Then, WonderS showed me how to use Chrome's debugger for JavaScript. THEN, WonderS checked to make sure I understood why everything that WAS working was good, and how to piece apart when things WERE NOT working.  We discovered a mishap in proof reading was the cause of all my misfortune:

After all the help, intro to a bit of theory, and buying me a book (he also lent me another), WonderS ate a bit of food and left to finish off his weekend.

Your's truly owes this man heaps in progressing/learning JavaScript.  This weekend I learned the value of a debugger.  Thank you, WonderS!


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